Cheryl {stunning}

I’m back again, this time I would like to share Cheryl’s images. Cheryl is an amazing woman, she is a single mom who works harder than anyone I have ever seen! She adores her daughter and has made it her mission in life to give her daughter a childhood filled with love, support and fun! Cheryl blows me away with her strength and fortitude and she inspires me in so many ways. It was an absolute honor to be able to photograph this super-woman and show her and the world what an absolute stunner she is! You keep on rockin’ it girl, you bless me with your friendship!


IMG_2662-2745753449-OIMG_2621-2745749803-O (1)IMG_2560-2745743858-OIMG_2513-2745740456-O (1)IMG_2502-2745739299-OIMG_2418-2745733184-OIMG_1838-2745731930-OIMG_1727-2745729268-OIMG_1411-2745727274-O (1)IMG_1389-2745725460-OIMG_1145-2745720247-OIMG_1135-2745719710-OIMG_1028-2745712059-OIMG_1020-2745711141-OIMG_0994-2745708466-O (1)IMG_0992-2745707459-OIMG_0983-2745706000-OIMG_0958-2745702426-OIMG_0937-2745700752-OIMG_0928-2745699376-O

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